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Why AviClear?

AviClear is the first advancement in the treatment of acne in over 40 years and has proven results with high patient satisfaction. This safe and unique alternative comes with results that are effective, durable and long-term. AviClear has fundamentally changed the way acne is treated. It is the first FDA-cleared energy device to treat ALL skin types for ALL types of acne severities. Results show 3 quick 30-minute treatments - spaced 4 weeks apart - leads to long term clearance of acne. This new, innovative approach means there is finally a different approach to treating acne - no more topical or oral medications and more no labs! If acne impacts your daily life - this is a life changing treatment.

Here is the truth about oral medication: there is a specific, limited amount of time you can take oral medication and most medication are not without side effects. Antibiotics do address inflammation, but patients are susceptible to developing a resistance to antibiotics, which is why their use is strictly limited to 3 months. Other risky acne-specific drugs often come with potential adverse side-effects and are also strictly limited to 6 months max. Plus, not every patient is a candidate for oral acne medications. Here are a few more considerations with oral treatments - patient compliance, oral treatment complexity, insurance denials and access to medications. Bottom line – there are a lot of dynamics to consider when taking topical or oral medication.

AviClear is a safe, effective alternative. Anyone who breaks out or has acne is a candidate. AviClear is on label for anyone age 16 and older.

How Does It Work and What Is the Treatment Like?

AviClear does not go after signs and symptoms. Instead, it specifically targets the cause of acne - the sebatious glands. Too much oil or sebum production causes inflammation. AviClear disrupts the production of sebum and overtime over time your skin’s biome repairs itself.

During the treatment you may experience some sensitivity, but most patients find the treatment comfortable. No numbing is required, but we do offer Pro-Nox if needed. Even when treating at the top end of the energy level, the majority of patients report they can handle the treatment. After your 30-minute treatment there is no downtime as there is no disruption to the surface of the skin. You can go right back to your busy day. Plus, there are no adverse events. For example, patients do not experience hyperpigmentation, which is a common adverse event associated with lasers.

Worried about treating if you are currently on oral medication? No waiting period required. You can treat right away, but some patients prefer to stop oral medication several weeks before treating with AviClear to make sure it is out of their system.

Clinically meaningful PROVEN RESULTS

Before and After AviClear treatment

9 out of 10 treated patients surveyed said they were satisfied or very satisfied and reported healthy, luminous skin after completing the treatment course. The acne not only resolves, but the skin health continues to improve and demonstrate a beautiful progression over time. Light skin, dark skin, men, women – this machine delivered results for everyone.

Studies show patients saw increasing improvements at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. The most visible results came after the 2nd and 3rd treatments. Some reported a mild purge between treatments. We are talking about slow, incremental improvements. It is a journey! It takes time.

Here are some specifics:

After 6 months - 87% of patients treated saw 50% of their acne resolved after the final treatment session. 90% showed visible improvement. 93% saw a reduction in their nodule count.

After 1 year - Results build over time and are sustained. 92% of patients saw visible improvement. 70% were assessed as clear or almost clear.

After 24 months – Patients saw additional progressive improvements and ALL patients assessed were clear or near clear.

Patients also noticed improvement in acne scarring.

What Comes Next?

Post treatment patients can return to their normal skin care routine which should include a gentle cleanser, a gentle moisturizer and a mineral based sunscreen. We have medical grade skin care to fit this description on hand for you if you need specific suggestions. We also recommend a topical retinoid as retinoids are foundational to good skin care. Your skin’s microbiome is changing post-treatment and you want to do all you can to support your global skin health.

What else can you do for your skin post-treatment? How about an IPL treatment to reduce overall redness or Morpheous 8 micorneedling for acne scarring. We have you covered if you want to continue your skin journey down these roads.

Worried About Cost?

Ask us about payment options. We offer great patient financing via Care Credit.


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