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Botox in North Bethesda, MD

Botox in North Bethesda, MD

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As people age, there are often some signs of aging that appear on our face, hands, neck, and other areas of our body. These wrinkles and fine lines are often very visible when we look in the mirror and can affect our confidence and desire to continue to interact with people. Fortunately, Botox offers our patients a great option to remove signs of aging and restore your youthful and vibrant appearance.

Understanding Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are often the results of the underlying muscles pulling the skin closer together. As we age, our skin loses the elasticity it once had to resist the pull of these muscles. Over time, the wrinkles and fine lines can appear deeper or more pronounced. Patients may also notice that new wrinkles begin to appear, or existing wrinkles begin to expand further from their origin.

Botox is a great tool that our patients can use to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines so that their appearance reflects more about how they feel!

Host your own botox party

How Botox Works

When wrinkles and fine lines are created by the pull of the muscles, it makes sense that getting those muscles to relax would eliminate the wrinkles. While it is difficult or impossible to get these muscles to relax, even temporarily, targeted Botox can paralyze the individual muscles eliminating the wrinkles.

Botox is the name of a specific medicine that utilizes a neurotoxin called Clostridium botulinum. This neurotoxin is found naturally in the world where it is normally non-toxic and inactive. However, when administered in a medical facility by trained individuals, Botox can offer great treatment to improve your appearance!

Botox works by being injected into the muscle, and then the medication blocks the nerve’s ability to fire the muscle tissue. This paralyzes the muscle and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

When to Use Botox

Botox has been approved for use by the FDA, and popularity of the application has surged throughout the United States. However, if Botox is improperly injected, or the medication is not licensed, there can be severe side effects or complications. That means that it is important to find a professional and experienced facility when you receive your Botox injections. Faulkner Plastic Surgery and Associates has the experience and education that you need to receive safe and effective Botox injections.

Botox can be used for a wide variety of approved applications. These include:

  • Canthal lines, or crow’s feet around the eyes.

  • Glabellar Lines, or lines between the eyebrows

  • Chronic migraines

  • Some types of facial spasms

  • Migraines

  • Overactive Bladder

  • Excessive sweating

While this list is not exhaustive, you may see some areas where Botox can improve your life! If you think that Botox might be an option for you, schedule an appointment with our offices today.

The Procedure

After you have received your initial consultation, our professional staff can outline a treatment plan for you. We want to make sure that we can treat the issues that you want, so we will clearly explain the areas where Botox would be effective and outline exactly how we will treat specific areas. In addition, if there are some things that Botox is not effective for, we can discuss that and if there are other options.

Once you understand the entire procedure, Botox can be injected. The application areas are cleaned and sanitized to reduce the chance of infection. The injections only take a few minutes to complete, and you will be released to go home. Typically, results are seen within 24-72 hours after the injection.


Many of us want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and Botox is one of the options that we offer at Faulkner Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics. Contact our office today to start your journey with us!


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