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Industry Trend Alert: Meet the Aesthetics Power Couple

Industry Trend Alert: Meet the Aesthetics Power Couple

Looking for a holistic approach to your aesthetics game?  Want to maximize your cosmetic appointment? Combine your Botox with the same day, Chemical Peel, for quick and amazing results. Three minimally invasive cosmetic treatments reign at today’s top in terms of most commonly requested by patients – Botox, Filler, and Chemical Peel.  Another favorite, Microneedling, comes in at #4.

It is a tale as old as time, patients are looking to address 1) skin texture, discoloration, sun damage, or 2) fine lines and wrinkles, but mostly 3) all of the above. Combining treatments and addressing all of these issues simultaneously checks all the boxes, because after all, lines are not the only age giveaways. Dark spots and areas of pigmentation can give your complexion a dull, older appearance.  Actually, here is the cold truth, discoloration, age spots, and uneven pigmentation can add 10 years. 

Why not be more efficient when it comes to your cosmetic appointments and develop a multi-pronged approach to aging?  Maximize your appointment and make your modus operandi about the complete canvas. Observe your face as a whole and develop a plan to target all the layers - simultaneously. The skin/top layer where you will experience slowed cell turnover and collagen degradation are best addressed with a chemical peel (and the occasional micro-needling for a heavy lift and acceleration of results). The next layer, or subcutaneous layer, where you are likely to experience volume loss and a downward shift, is best addressed with filler. Finally, the muscular level, where fine lines are born is best addressed with what is widely referred to as magic in a bottle – or Botox.


What is Your Glogau Classification? 


Type 1: Age 20s – 30s. Let’s call you “Early Wrinkles.”  You have early signs of aging, possibly some mild pigment changes, minimal wrinkles, and no age spots.  Enjoy these years!


Type 2: Age 30s-40s. Life is coming at you. Your wrinkles are in motion. You have early to moderate signs of aging. Smile lines and brown spots are eager to make their appearance. Skin pores are more prominent and there are changes in your skin’s texture.            


Type 3: Age 50s.  Wrinkles have solidly wormed their way into your life, and while they have come to rest, they are now visible.  Your skin shows prominent and visible signs of age spots. Small blood vessels are making themselves visible on your skin’s surface.


Type 4: Age 60s: Wrinkles are the reality and you are experiencing changes in skin color (yellowing and graying).  Keep an eye on pre-cancerous skin changes!


Why Care About Your Glogau type? 

It is helpful to know where you are and where you are going on this journey; a little planning is always key. A quick read of the classification types drives the point that we are all a little guilty of some sun damage and no one is getting around aging. A combination of treatments benefits anyone. 


Exactly What is Happening When I Combine Treatment?

Botox is limited to your injection site and the dynamic wrinkles your target. A chemical peel enhances the anti-aging effect by addressing wrinkles at rest (plus it addresses skin texture and pigmentation). Or you can look at it like this -- your peel is all about exfoliation and stimulation. It targets the top layer of your skin by releasing acids to stimulate rapid, predictable, and uniform controlled damage. This results in targeted inflammation, which signals the healing cascade (peeling skin) and collagen/elastin production. Your static wrinkles are helpless. Meanwhile, your Botox is settling into place for a three-month battle against your dynamic wrinkles. In other words, it is working hard to prevent muscle contractions and smooth those active wrinkles. If you opt for filler, your gorgeous results are instantaneous.  Once your peel has run its 7-day course you are looking in the mirror at full facial rejuvenation.

Glo-Tox Special 

Because we are such believers in this approach (an overall tone, texture, and wrinkle treatment in one appointment) we are gifting a free chemical peel boost ($75 value) to patients who purchase a combined same-day treatment of either a Botox/peel; filler/peel or all three – Botox, filler, and peel. 

Call us today at 240-880-2349 to get your Glo-Tox on!


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