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Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift in North Bethesda, MD

breast lift

Breast lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to reposition sagging breasts. The result is a more youthful appearance that leaves patients feeling confident with their body. While there are many reasons that a person may elect a breast lift procedure, it is commonly selected by individuals who have experienced significant weight loss or pregnancy. However, a breast lift may also be an option to remedy sagging due to natural aging.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

Before a breast lift procedure, patients will have a thorough consultation with their surgeon. At this time, the breasts will be evaluated to determine the severity of sagging and the goals of the patient. From there, the surgeon will determine which incision is best given the current state of the breasts, nipple direction, and the amount of sagging skin. The type of incisions:

  • Circular incision

  • Lollipop incision

  • Anchor incision

Once the incision is made, the surgeon will then work to reshape the breasts into a firmer and lifted position. In some cases, the nipples may need to be repositioned to provide the best results.

What to Expect After the Procedure?

Patients should expect to rest for at least one week following their breast lift surgery. Your doctor will always advise you to avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting for at least six weeks. Patients should expect some pain, swelling, and inflammation, but those side effects should subside in a few days following the procedure. It is essential to listen to the guidelines provided by the doctor, as this will help patients avoid unnecessary complications and allow the body to recover properly. Keep in mind; you’ll be given thorough instructions for how to care for the incision site to avoid infection or other issues.

How Long do Results Last?

While a breast lift is intended to provide long-lasting results, the exact timeline will vary from person to person. Many factors will influence how long a lift lasts, including genetics, diet, incision, and age. However, there are a few things patients can do to get the most out of breast lift surgery such as:

  • Take care of your skin

  • Wear proper support

  • Avoid weight fluctuations

Patients will never be promised an exact timeline for how long their breast lift will look good. However, doing these things will help extend the life of your new silhouette and prolong your results. Of course, patients can also discuss with their surgeon at any point if you feel like your breasts could use another lift. Your surgeon will be able to provide proper guidance about what you can expect for future results.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Lift?

Patients may be curious if their breasts are at a point that they will benefit from a lift. The best candidates for breast lifts are individuals who have sagging or drooping breasts. There are a variety of reasons that sagging may occur including pregnancy, weight loss, or simply genetics. You may be a good candidate if you meet the following requirements:

  • Do not smoke

  • Have large or stretched areolas

  • You are unhappy with the sag of your breasts

  • Your breasts are elongated

  • Your nipples point toward

  • One breast is lower than the other

Of course, your doctor will be able to best identify if you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure. Expect a thorough examination and discussion about possible results.

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