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Abdominoplasty in North Bethesda, MD

Abdominoplasty in North Bethesda

Of all the areas of our body there is one often complained about more than any other – the abdomen. Our abdominal area tends to be affected by weight gain, and in the case of pregnant females, will swell to accommodate a growing baby. Because our skin loses much of its natural elasticity as we age, once it has been stretched, during pregnancy or times of weight gain, it may never spring back to reveal a flat, smooth and toned midsection. In these circumstances patients are left with excess skin, stretch marks, sagging and or protruding abdominal muscles. Although exercise can greatly contribute to strengthening your core, there is little that can be done about loose skin and flab outside of cosmetic surgery.

Abdominoplasty, also known as a Tummy Tuck, is a highly effective surgical cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat and skin and eliminate stretch marks, leaving you with a flatter, smoother and more youthful stomach, giving you absolute confidence in your new, slimmer and sexier silhouette. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Faulkner, is delighted to offer his extensive skill and experience in performing abdominoplasty surgery to patients lacking confidence in the appearance of their midsection.

What does abdominoplasty involve?

Abdominoplasty is a major form of cosmetic surgery and therefore performed under general anesthetic. This means you will be asleep for the duration of the procedure. Exactly what your abdominoplasty will entail will depend on whether you are having a mini or full procedure.

A mini or partial Tummy Tuck focuses on improving the area directly below your belly button. This is where many women develop a paunch after childbirth, although men can also experience problems here as well. An incision is made across the lowest part of the stomach so that the skin can be separated from the muscles, pulled tight and the excess fat and skin cut away. The tighter skin is then secured using staples or sutures

A full Abdominoplasty involves the same main incision. However, a second incision is made to separate the belly button from the surrounding area. This will enable the skin of the entire abdominal area to be separated from the abdominal wall and the underlying muscles to be realigned, or in the case of separated muscles, repaired. The skin can then be pulled tight so that Dr. Faulkner will be able to identify if a new position for the belly button is needed. The smoother, tighter skin will then be secured using staples and/or sutures and the belly button replaced in a new, higher position.

Recovery after abdominoplasty

While a partial Abdominoplasty usually takes between two and three hours, you can expect a full Tummy Tuck to require a surgery time of up to four hours. After your surgery, you should expect to need to stay under our team’s care for at least 48 hours. This will allow Dr. Faulkner the opportunity to ensure your wounds are healing correctly and that you receive the appropriate amount of rest, fluid, flood and medications. Once you are allowed home, you will be given specific instructions regarding your recovery. You will need to take between three and six weeks off of work. You will also not be able to drive for several weeks following your surgery. You will need to check with Dr. Faulkner and your insurance provider when it is safe and appropriate for you to drive. It is essential you follow this guidance as this will help to minimize your risk of complications and expedite your recovery.

If you are considering an Abdominoplasty, Dr. Brent Faulkner will assess whether you are a good candidate for the procedure during an initial consultation. Abdominoplasty is not a weight loss tool. Ideal candidates will have maintained a steady, comfortable weight before undergoing the procedure. Further weight loss or gain could reverse the effects of your surgery, as too could any subsequent pregnancies. To schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. Faulkner, please do not hesitate to contact our office today in North Bethesda, MD.


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