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The Road to Luscious Lips

The Road to Luscious Lips

Aging is a process characterized by, among other things, volume loss in the lips. The “triangle of youth” is all about those high cheekbones and defined jawline, while the dreaded inverted triangle or typical aging face is best characterized by deeper wrinkles and folds, drooping skin in the midface, flattened cheeks, a fullness under the chin (or double chin) and a sagging jawline. The lips actively participate in the aging process. That cute little upturn in your defined cupids bow begins to disappear, your enviable lip volume slowly decreases, and the thinning dermis around the lips contributes to the grooves or perioral lines affectionately known as smoker lines.  Our patients’ most common concerns about their aging lips include:   

  • Presence of perioral lines

  • Lack of lip smoothness

  • Asymmetry

  • Lack of projection

  • Lack of a lower lip pout

  • Lack of fullness

  • Corner of the mouth not elevated during a smile

Features of Those Desired Lips
Full body lips have a slight upturn (as we age lips tend to curl in) and the upper and lower lip are in perfect symmetry with the upper lip projecting just beyond the lower lip. Full philtral columns, which flatten over time, are in the shape of an inverted V (not parallel) and the cupids bow is higher and upturned. The overall lips are volumized and there is an absence of perioral lines. Pro tip: perioral lines are harder to treat as you age as they get deeper over the years, so treating these lines early is a smart choice.

Which Lip Filler Should You Choose: Juvéderm Volbella XC vs. Juvéderm Ultra XC
Juvéderm’s offers two products to address patient concerns involving their lips – Volbella XC and Ultra XC.  Both are great for lip augmentation, can last up to 12 months and are highly forgivable and can be massaged into place for the perfect final look. 

  • Add Subtle Volume with Volbella XC  - This soft, spreadable gel is specifically designed to correct perioral lines and is a favorite for adding subtle volume to your lips.  This is a great choice if you are worried your lips will look too full.

  • Plump with Juvéderm’s Ultra XC - This product is a plumping gel and workhorse for adding volume and increasing the overall fullness to the pillows of your lips.  This product is also used to add projection and improve lip proportions.  It is great for adding volume to the cupid’s bow and helping to lift the sides of the mouth (the oral commissures) and commonly used to better form the columns under the nose.

What to Expect After Your Treatment
Swelling can be expected, so prepare to apply ice for several hours following the treatment.  Your swelling will minimize, so don’t worry if you feel your lips look larger than expected.  Resist touching or massaging your lips and postpone dental and other facial treatments for a least 2 weeks.  Avoid make-up for 12 hours.  Avoid strenuous exercise, extensive sun and heat, alcoholic beverages and skincare products for up to 24 hours.  And, no extreme cold or heat for 48 hours. 

Are you ready for some luscious lips?


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